How Will You Seize Opportunity In 2022

How Will You Seize Opportunity In 2022
In the words of Sir Winston Churchill “ To every man, there comes in his lifetime that special moment when he’s tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing” What a tragedy if that moment comes for you, and finds you unprepared or unqualified for the task which will be your finest hour ”
One of my family’s favorite channels is NatGeo Wild. I’m thrilled by the lives of animals, their adventures and the invaluable life and business insights they offer. Of particular interest to me is the cat family: Lions, Tigers, Bears, Cheetah etc.
They all demonstrate great and deft pouncing skills as soon as most opportunities arrive. It’s part of their nature, it’s instinctive for them to seize opportunities for food and prey when it presents itself. They don’t shy away, they don’t overthink. They simply size up any opportunity, focus intently, and at just the right moment, they spring into action and pounce without hesitation.
There 3 important things to know when it comes to opportunities:
  1. Opportunity is everywhere. You will find some early and find others late. Some are gone while others are just around the corner in 2022.
  2. Opportunity has no value to you if not pounced upon the moment it presents itself.
  3. Opportunity is never lost. Someone with more courage and willpower than you just found a way to seize it.
As we gradually approach a new year, here’s a big question for you. Which pouncing actions will you take in the new year?
  • Will you offer word of encouragement to someone?
  • Will you make that big investment?
  • Will you take a leap of faith on something you’ve been scared of doing?
  • Will you make that Phone call?
  • Will you enroll in that program to improve your skill?
  • Will you forgive someone that you’ve found difficult to forgive in 2021
  • Will you create a website for your business? Or will you start the business
  • Will you negotiate that debt?
  • Will you plan and go on that trip ?
  • Will you create a course?
  • Will you go on a date that you’ve been longing for?
Here is a 6-step process you can follow if you want to be able to pounce on opportunities with precision in 2022:
  1. Gain Clarity on your mission
Nothing helps you see opportunities with precision as clarity of purpose. Clarity helps you know precisely which opportunities are worth seizing. Without clarity, you will chase every shiny object.
  1. Develop a bias for action
Intentions don’t produce results. It is not the big that eat the small, it’s the fast that eat the slow. Your success in the new year primarily lies in your ability to respond quickly to opportunities. So, learn to take massive imperfect actions. Don’t just talk. Do it!
  1. Commit to excellence
Deliver the highest quality and demand for the best. It is the fastest way to attract opportunities. Most people will pay a premium for excellence.
  1. Leverage the Power of One
Life is a collection of moments. One well– executed idea. One outstanding speech. One person who is attracted to you because of what you have become and the skills you’ve developed can change your life forever. Study and prepare yourself, and one day, your moment will come.
  1. Get Connected
Good things come to those who are connected. The first shot at opportunity often goes to the person who is in the know. So, develop your networking skills and you will be amazed by the power and influence of a well nurtured group of contacts.
  1. Star in Your Own Movie
Your life become extraordinary when you decide it will become extraordinary. Give yourself every competitive advantage to succeed. Be the actor, the superman in your own movie. And go into the new year with a winning mindset.
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